The Life & Times of Laverne da Gooche’

Drag Queen Extrodinaire!

By Scott Foster


The following photos represent only one decade (1980s) of the long reign of one of the world’s most recognized Drag Queens; LaVerne da Gooche’ of Oklahoma City, Hollywood and Honolulu. More to come as it washes up.

La da Gooche’s very favorite glamour shot.



EDITOR’S NOTE: da Gooche’ of course always got her fair share of the ink. The above shows a very curious (and confused) Honolulu Advertiser reporter interviewing a gracious da Gooche’ out in the rain in front of the State Office Tower on Beretania St. in downtown Honolulu. Note sign reading, “No Fault Is A Drag”. Also note da Gooche’s lovely little bearskin slippers.



LDG’s business card which read, No-Fault Insurance Reform Expert Extrodinaire’



(above) When La da Gooche’ was not out on the streets protesting, she was often seen at Hamburger Mary’s – here helping Mary’s late owner “Spaghetti” Eddie  celebrate Mary’s 13th birthday during the early 1980s. Sadly in this photo, the electric lights on the faux cake had failed due to a technical malfunction. The battery pack had somehow jiggled loose on the dancefloor.



(above) A supine LdG wearing her famous black Bar Whore corset – modestly presented

in her equally famous monochromatic living room in Honolulu.



(above) LdG out on yet another Halloween, this time with the wife of Mr. Scott Foster,

the late Lynn Ellen Ryan-Foster. When asked “what do you want to be,” Lynn said “thin” and using her renown costuming prowess, LdG Indeed accomodated her desire (for the evening).


(above) LdG wearing her famous black Bar Whore corset for the very-first time at a grande Halloween party at her Honolulu penthouse. Scott Foster’s friend and room mate Mark Wiley poses with the grande diva. LdG was one of the last Drag Queen’s in America to know the fine art of “tucking” (hiding one’s box).